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In the shimmering heart of Aventura, a name stands tall, synonymous with luxury, distinction, and unparalleled elegance: Atlantic at the Point. For those in pursuit of the extraordinary, this is not merely another place on a map, but a signature address, an emblem of refined living. Situated between Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach, Aventura’s most coveted location redefines the boundaries of upscale waterfront residences. Aventura’s most coveted location redefines the boundaries of upscale waterfront residences. As the city skyline paints a backdrop of modernity, Atlantic at the Point emerges as a paragon of elegance, blending the tranquility of South Beach with the vivacity of Brickell.

What if you could position yourself at the pinnacle of South Florida’s real estate landscape? Atlantic Aventura beckons, offering a curated selection of condos, each narrating a unique tale of prestige. From panoramic ocean views to lavish amenities that echo the allure of the finest resorts, every unit resonates with the promise of unparalleled luxury. And while the sun-kissed sands of Miami Beach lie a short drive away, within these walls, the story of sophisticated living unfolds.

Whether you’re an investor, looking for the perfect rental, or dreaming of a condo that echoes your aspirations, Atlantic at the Point Aventura presents an opportunity that’s beyond ordinary. With a realm of information at your fingertips on our site, every detail, from floor plans to price ranges, beckons you to explore further. Are you ready to embrace exceptional living?

Aventura’s Finest – Living Luxuriously at Atlantic at the Point.

Atlantic at The Point architectural masterpiece offers condos that are synonymous with luxury and opulence. Beyond meticulously designed floor plans, residents enjoy serene views where the ocean meets the Intracoastal. Aventura, renowned for landmarks such as the iconic Aventura Mall and scenic parks like Founders Park, showcases the city’s commitment to upscale living and community enrichment.

Atlantic at the Point isn’t just about elite living; it’s a lifestyle emblem. Perfectly situated between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, its high-rise residences provide sweeping ocean vistas, encapsulating the Miami Beach ambiance within Aventura’s tranquil charm. The location is especially enticing for tech professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors. The surrounding area enhances the allure, with institutions like the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center and award-winning schools underscoring the community’s appeal.

For potential residents and investors, Atlantic at the Point represents a fusion of convenience and luxury. Alongside waterfront properties bathed in Florida’s golden sun, a host of amenities awaits — from elegant marble lobbies to cutting-edge fitness centers and inviting swimming pools. Detailed floor plans reveal a commitment to design excellence, while its proximity to dynamic neighborhoods like Brickell and Sunny Isles amplifies its prime position. Atlantic at the Point, Aventura invites you to elevate your living standards, merging exploration and luxury.

Beyond Living – The Pinnacle of Aventura Real Estate Excellence

Within the vibrant tapestry of South Florida, particularly in Aventura, there exists a tier of real estate that breaks the norms. The confluence of groundbreaking architecture, elite design, and prime location makes Atlantic at The Point a magnetic site for potential residents and investors alike. This waterfront gem is not just a condo but a statement of upscale living, offering exclusive views of the ocean, Intracoastal, and the spirited energy of the Miami Beach area.

Atlantic I at the Point

Situated ideally at 21200 Point Place, Atlantic I at The Point showcases a unique real estate offering in Aventura. It stands tall, not just in its 29 stories but in its promise to offer unparalleled ocean views, paired with the modernity of Brickell and the charm of South Beach. The residences, boasting varying floor plans, offer a touch of the Miami lifestyle – a blend of luxury and functionality. From its spa to its marina, from its swimming pools to its tennis courts, Atlantic I represents the intersection of Aventura’s charm and world-class amenities.

With an average list price of $2,316,333 and $602 per sqft, these sought-after residences have been catching the eyes of discerning buyers. A testament to its allure, the units have stayed on the market for an average of 127 days, with the most notable price adjustment being a $100,000 reduction. Positioned perfectly to offer panoramic ocean views and unparalleled amenities, Atlantic I embodies the essence of upscale living in Aventura.

Atlantic II at the Pointatlantic at the point aventura aerial view

Atlantic II, rising in its majestic 31 stories, is a testament to what the Aventura condos market can offer. Beyond its properties’ luxurious baths, bedrooms, and elegant living spaces, Atlantic II offers a lifestyle. With its skyline views, residents experience the essence of Brickell, the vibrancy of Wynwood, and the serenity of the nearby Williams Island. It’s not just about the unit, the building, or its amenities; it’s about the experience that Atlantic II curates, be it a day by its pool, a game in its tennis courts, or an evening gazing at the expansive ocean view.

With units presented at an average price of $1,714,333 and a price per sqft at $673, it’s no wonder that these residences are becoming a focal point for investors. The data speaks volumes; properties in this tower are quickly snapped up, with an average market duration of 52 days. For those seeking a blend of comfort and contemporary style near the vibrant Miami Beach, Atlantic II is the go-to destination.

Atlantic III at the Point

Atlantic III, a signature development in the Point Aventura landscape, emerges as a beacon for the discerning. Its properties, each offering a unique floor plan, promise views of the Atlantic and the dynamic city of Fort Lauderdale. But what truly sets Atlantic III apart is its commitment to offer more than just a residence. It’s a community, complete with a library, game room, and an array of activities. Whether it’s the allure of shopping in Sunny Isles, the vibrant nightlife of South Beach, or the relaxation by the Intracoastal, Atlantic III ensures its residents are always in the heart of it all.

The units, which are a testament to architectural finesse, have an average price tag of $1,281,000, translating to $473 per sqft. While the market has witnessed a significant price reduction of $50,000 for certain residences, it’s evident that the building remains a top choice for those aiming for an upscale lifestyle. With its proximity to South Beach and an array of world-class amenities, Atlantic III presents a lifestyle that’s beyond the ordinary.

overview of the north tower at the point aventuraAtlantic’s Pinnacle – Opulent Amenities and Prime Waterfront Living

Atlantic at The Point in Aventura uniquely carves its niche. This luxury development, comprising Atlantic I, Atlantic II, and Atlantic III, isn’t merely about upscale residences; it’s a symbol of unparalleled lifestyle offerings. Here’s a brief insight into the amenities you can anticipate:

  • Recreational Delights: Tennis courts, basketball court, swimming pools, and dedicated trails.
  • Wellness and Relaxation: Sauna, spa hot tub, and a state-of-the-art fitness center.
  • Entertainment and Leisure: Clubhouse, billiard room, hobby room, and a children’s playground.
  • Practicality and Comfort: Business center, bike storage, elevators, and boat dock.
  • Community Essentials: Library, picnic area, barbecue zone, and a trash chute.

Atlantic at The Point masterfully integrates luxurious living with convenience. Each condo, with its meticulously crafted, boasts panoramic ocean and intracoastal views. And with proximity to iconic locales like South Beach, Brickell, and Sunny Isles, residents enjoy an unparalleled blend of comfort and accessibility. Whether you’re a potential investor, renter, or someone keen on embracing the pinnacle of South Florida’s luxury real estate, Atlantic at The Point presents an opportunity like no other.

Elevate Your Aventura Condo Hunt with Yackeline Leiderman

Yackeline Leiderman is more than just a real estate agent; she’s a beacon of expertise in Aventura’s opulent condo market. Since her professional journey commenced in 2009, she has redefined excellence within the vibrant realms of the Miami and Aventura property landscapes. The lavish buildings, from Atlantic One to the iconic towers near Point Atlantic, all echo her deep understanding of luxury and comfort. Yackeline’s profound association with Fortune International Realty and The Defortuna Group not only complements her career but amplifies her role in showcasing the best residences with breathtaking ocean views and unrivaled amenities.

From the enthralling waterfront of Point Aventura to the picturesque horizon of Miami Beach, Yackeline has an innate ability to match her clients’ aspirations with reality. Aspiring homeowners can rest assured, knowing they’re navigating the vast realm of condos, buildings, and residences with a seasoned expert. Her commitment to her clients extends beyond just a sale or rent; it’s about ensuring they get to experience the unique synthesis of nature, luxury, and architectural brilliance that Aventura offers. Reach out to her, explore the prime listings, and realize your vision of a dream condo in the heart of Aventura.